Window Tinting Newcastle

Affordable Car Window Tinting

House Window Tinting

Nova Pitstop Tint just about anything, If its Glass…. We’ll Tint it!

Automotive Window Tinting

Good looks, cooler interior temperature, total UV protection, the list of benefits go on… Why not get your car tinted today!
The NSW legal limit is 35% VLT (visible light transmittance), we stock 4 different 35’s including the street legal SL35 and the Jet Black JB35 as well as our most popular, High Performance HP35 and all come with a lifetime warranty

We stock tints in a wide range of VLT’s from the lightest 70% UV only film down to the darkest 5% limo tint, + everything in-between.

All of our automotive films achieve a minimum 58% heat rejection and a minimum 99% UV Block out

Lifetime Series LN70, JB42, JB35

Premium Films TK35, SL35,

High Performance HP35, HP30, HP20 HP15, HP06, HP03

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

From a small window to a complete office building we can tint it.

Nova Pitstop offer a flat glass tinting service within a 100km radius of Newcastle! Call our friendly staff today to arrange a free, no obligation measure and quote.
We only use the best quality films and our highly skilled tinters are fully qualified.
Our most popular films are our Tungsten range, available in 3 different shades for the perfect finish for almost any window….. other popular films include Charcoal Grey, Reflective Silver, Sky Blue, Clear UV Blockout etc

Tungsten Black TU35, TU15, TU05

Reflective RS20, PL10

Ultra Violet UV70, UV60

Opaque Frost FW00

Safety, Security and Anti-Vandal Films

Residential, Nursing Homes, Schools, In-Home Family Daycare, Protect your loved ones by installing one of our ‘super strong’ Safety films.
Some of our Safety Films are up to 1.1mm thick and can withstand a blow from a sledge hammer
Anti vandal films for shop fronts, phone boxes, Busses and Trains

Safety S400, S700