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At Nova Pitstop we offer a comprehensive autoglass service.. We can repair or replace almost any glass for any vehicle.

MOBILE Windscreen Replacement in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Maitland, Hunter Valley & Port Stephens

Windscreen Replacement from $300

Windscreen replacement

Car windscreen replacements for all makes and models

We come to you – Our competent, fully trained staff can replace your broken windscreen at your home, work or just about anywhere! Most windscreen replacements can be done in your driveway at home meaning your busy life doesn’t need to be put on-hold. Here at Nova we take pride in the work that we do so you can be sure that your car will be in safe hands.


Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Most new cars are now fitted with advanced driver assist systems such as ‘Automatic Emergency Braking’ and ‘Lane Departure Warning’ requiring a windscreen mounted smart camera that can detect things like street signs and line markings on the road. Although the removal and re-installation of these cameras is usually a simple ‘clip-off, clip-on’ procedure they may need to be re-calibrated after a windscreen has been changed. Most manufacturers are recommending ADAS cameras are calibrated annually or after any significant change such as a windscreen being replaced. If you would like to have your camera calibrated at the time of the replacement windscreen just let us know.

Windscreen Chip Repairs from $99

Chip and crack repairs

Save money… Repair the damage before it spreads!

With our state of the art stone chip repair machines we are able to ‘drill and fill’ chipped and cracked windscreens before the damage spreads. Our specialists are fully trained and they will assess the damage and repair it in no time.
Please note that you will still be able to see the chip after it has been repaired. We do NOT guarantee the optical quality of the repair (we simply can’t unbrake your windscreen) we will however repair it to restore strength in the glass and prevent further cracking. Guaranteed!

Side and rear glass for almost anything

Side and Back Window Replacement

Smashed side or back window?

With the ability to source almost any glass for any car we’re sure to get you back on the road in the shortest possible time.

Depending on the vehicle and your budget we usually offer 3 options ranging in price.

1. New Genuine (can often be very expensive)

2. New Aftermarket (cheaper)

3. Second Hand (usually the cheapest option) (side and rear glass only)

Aftermarket is generally the quickest option with stock in the Newcastle warehouse, whereas genuine can take 2-3 days to arrive. (we don’t do second hand front screens)

So for all your auto glass & windscreen replacements & repairs in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Port Stephens & the Hunter Valley…

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