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Adas Calibration

Advanced Driver Assist System Calibration

Nova Pitstop are Newcastle and Lake Macquarie’s leading ADAS experts. Specialising in windscreen mounted ADAS systems, we can handle your job from start to finish, all done in-house, no outsourcing. Our skilled technicians are trade qualified and take pride in the work they do. Here at Nova Pitstop your windscreen replacement will be carried out by a tradesman Auto Glazier then the associated ADAS re-calibrated by a licensed Motor Mechanic. This makes us Newcastles only fully qualified specialist windscreen ADAS shop. For our credentials please see the about us page. We use a mixture of Autel MaxiSYS MA600 and OEM tooling allowing us to confidently calibrate almost any car.

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What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assist Systems and refers to features that aid the driver to reduce the chance of collision. It uses a group of sensors that collect data to perform functions which enhance the safety of the vehicle and its occupants. Some of the ADAS systems are passive in nature and may simply give warnings like speed alerts or audible parking distance sensors, others however are active and can take over full control of the vehicle like Active Emergency Braking or Lane Keep Assist. In the latter steering adjustments are calculated using visual inputs from the windscreen mounted forward facing camera. Any changes to this camera, like replacing the windscreen will require precise calibration. For example 1mm of error at the sensor could mean a couple of metres of error looking 30 metres ahead. This could be the difference between life and death – literally!

What is ADAS Calibration?

ADAS calibration is essentially re learning parameters like exact locations and distances of objects relative to the vehicles position. As we become more reliant on ADAS we need to be confident it will function correctly. These systems have been designed to improve safety but if they’re not working correctly could do the exact opposite. As discussed earlier just one sensor aimed incorrectly or not calibrated could steer the car into oncoming traffic or perform an unnecessary emergency stop. Therefore it is imperative that calibration is precise for these systems to operate as intended.


Types of Calibration

There are 2 common methods of ADAS calibration, dynamic and static. Most cars require static, others dynamic, and some like Subaru require both. Each method usually taking between 1 and 3 hours to complete.

Dynamic is where the vehicle is put into a ‘learn’ mode using a specialised ADAS scan tool and then driven in a procedure specified on the tool. Depending on environmental factors like road line markings, guide posts, lighting, weather and other traffic this type of calibration usually takes between 20 to 40 minutes on the road.

Static is when targets are placed in precise specified locations around the vehicle allowing the camera and other sensors to re aim correctly. This is done in a dedicated calibration bay with a level floor, soft lighting and a clear background. This method is preferable as environmental factors can be controlled.

Upon completion we will issue a certificate that includes both the PRE and POST calibration diagnostic scans as well as your individual calibration report. This is your peace of mind that we’ve done the job right.